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Orbis Scalp Cooler



The Paxman Prevention System for Hair Loss is being used worldwide in various cancers with the most common chemotherapy regimens.
The hair loss is the most feared side effect of cancer treatment with chemotherapy.

Cool the scalp during selected chemotherapy regimens have been shown to reduce or prevent hair loss in which, otherwise, would lead to a total loss of hair.

The prevention of hair loss is determined by maintaining constant temperature of the scalp before, during and after infusion of the chemotherapeutic drug.

System Overview

Consideration and care are part of the form of system design to meet the needs of the patient and the nursing staff. Simple system to operate with touch screen easy to understand. Its compact nature and ease of maneuver it ensure efficient use of space.

The system consists of a mobile and compact cooling unit connected to the lightweight silicone caps.

The temperature of the scalp of the patient is lowered to approximately 18 ° C by circulating a liquid through the cap special cooling.

The product is manufactured in two models, Orbis I for only one patient and Orbis II, where two patients are concurrently treated independently.


  • High level of tolerance and acceptability to patients
    • The risk of hair loss is greatly reduced, increasing self confidence of the patient
    • The self-image is preserved, leading to positive attitudes toward treatment and healing
    • The social life and activities need not be inhibited
    • Proven Success Rates