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Hemostatic Device Compression


Goldinger® Femoral Electronic compression, Electronic Femoral Artery Hemostasis Compression Device is for hemostasis management after femoral catheterization. It concentrates the stress on the puncture site, not only makes hemostasis more efficient, but also brings patients more comfortable experience. Operators are allowed to control the pressure precisely with the electronic module, so as to meet clinical requirements. The product is ergonomically designed. Patients are able to move freely after using it. That helps earlier ambulation. Femoral Electronic compression contributes an optimal auxiliary tool to femoral intervention operations. It can be widely used in cardiovascular Intervention Dept., Neurology intervention Dept., Oncology intervention Dept.

The RadiQuick™ Radial Compression device is designed for the hemostasis after the puncture on radial artery. With the screw unit fixed on the wrist band, it provides an optimal pressure on the puncture site. Comparing with other similar devices, the product ecxels in the pressure adjustment and operation. It is clinically indicated for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) and other interventional procedures with radial approach.

Air Power®Auto-Pneumatic Radial Artery Compression Device is a new concept hemostasis compressor specially designed for puncture site management after radial catheterization.
Air Power features a crystal piston, which provides a clear vision on the puncture site. The puncture incision and the surrounding tissue can be observed in real time.
Air Power® is integrated with a pneumatic system .It frees from the traditional method that connecting with a syringe. With the facilitated pressure control, physicians can easily achieve degressive pressure ,so as to reduce the risk of radial artery complications.