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Foley Catheter


The silicone Foley catheter facilitates the insertion, reducing patient discomfort during catheterization.

– Variety of diameters (6Fr the 24Fr)

– Available in Nelaton tips, Tiemann, Dufour and Couvelaire

Foley Catheter with Temperature Sensor

The Foley Catheter with Temperature Sensor is used to drain the bladder, and simultaneously to monitor the temperature. Catheterization Foley is recommended on the need for continuous bladder drainage in the absence of voluntary urination after surgery or trauma of the pelvic organs in the presence of obstruction or paralysis, and as a means to evaluate the production of urine in patients with management problems fluids.

Features and Benefits
– Dual purpose can be used before, during and after surgery.
– Identification of diameters by color.
– Connector with positive lock for secure connection cable
– Compatible with most monitors
– 100% silicon reduces the risk of latex allergy or ureteritis
– Non-ferrous sensors and wires
– Available in diameters 6Fr 18Fr