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Distribute products to health within a Logistics for immediate order fulfillment nationwide.
We operate according to the Health Legislation and Good Distribution and Storage Practices and Social Responsibility projects we support in the areas of Education, Culture, Technology Research and Environment.
Located in the city of Rio de Janeiro to EPTCA since 1996 specializes in supplying products used in minimally invasive procedures in the areas of Cardiology, Radiology, Intensive Care and Surgery.


Importer and Distributor of products for use in minimally invasive procedures for health, with a focus on Logistics immediate order fulfillment nationwide.



Angiography is a radiological method for minimally invasive diagnosis, which examines the arterial blood with significant diseases or participation by injecting radiopaque contrast inside the same and thus allowing visualization of the blood vessel concerned. The EPTCA markets various medical products used in angiography and catheterization laboratories, such as needle puncture, Angiographic Catheters, Coronary Balloon Catheter, Catheter for General Drainage, Y connector, Femoral Compressor, High and Low Pressure Extension, Cable Guide, inflator, Introducer, micropuncture Kit, Manifold, angiographic syringe Syringe for Injection Pump, CoCr Stent, Stent Pharmacological and Tap.


The Urology is a surgical medical specialty that takes care of the urinary tract of men and women and the reproductive system of men. The EPTCA markets various medical products used in urology such Cateter Foley Silicone Foley Catheter Silicone with built-in temperature sensor, Intra Pressure Monitoring System Abdominal Closed System for diuresis Urimetrix, Catheter for Hemodialysis Catheter Percutaneous drainage and to nephrostomy.


The Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of cells and tissues. It involves measurement of the electrical potential differences across a wide range of scales ranging from single ion channel proteins to whole organs such as the heart. The EPTCA markets various medical products used in Electrophysiology / Cardiac Pacing such as Catheter for Electrophysiology Diagnostic, Catheter for Electrophysiology Therapy (Radio Frequency Ablation) Introducer for Pacemaker Electrode (peel away) and Temporary Pacemaker Electrode.


The surgery is performed in the Surgical Center, which allows to perform the operation in the best conditions of safety for the patient and comfort to the health team. The EPTCA markets various medical products used in surgery, such as catheters for pneumothorax, drain and silicone tank to drain in a closed system, Reservoir Thoracic Drainage Thoracic and Mediastinal and drain Silicone.


The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a hospital structure which is characterized as “complex unit, with its continuous monitoring system, which admits potentially serious or patients with decompensation of one or more organ systems, and with the support and intensive treatment are unable to recover. “(Source: Resolution 81 – January 5, 1995 – CREMESP). The EPTCA markets various medical products used in the Intensive Care Unit, such Cateter central venous, or Extender Extender Opaque amber for photosensitive drugs Extender Pressure Monitoring, filter for infusion, introducer to Thermodilution, WFP Kit (Mean Arterial Pressure) manifold and specific fittings CTI.


 An Introduction

The Paxman hair loss prevention system is successfully used around the World on a wide range of cancer types with the most commonly used chemotherapy drug regimes.

Hair loss is the most feared side effect of cancer chemotherapy treatment.
Cooling the scalp during selected chemotherapy regimes has shown to reduce or prevent otherwise inevitable total hair loss.
Hair loss prevention is determined by the degree of control in maintaining the scalp at a constant temperature pre, during and post infusion of the chemotherapy drugs.

Overview of the system

Consideration and care has gone into the design of the system in order to meet the needs of both the patient and nursing staff. It is simple to operate with easy to read touch screen displays. The compact nature and manoeuvrability of the system ensures an efficient use of space.
The system comprises of a small compact mobile refrigeration system connected to lightweight silicone caps.
The patient’s scalp is lowered in temperature to approximately 18°C by circulating a special coolant throughout the cap at -4°C.
The scalp cooler is produced in two models, Orbis I for one patient use and the Orbis II for treating two patients simultaneously.


  • – High level of patient tolerance and acceptability
  • – The risk of hair loss is greatly reduced and patients’ self confidence is therefore improved
  • – Self image is preserved which leads to positive attitudes towards treatment and cure
  • – Social life and activities need not be inhibited
  • – Proven success rates




Located in the city of Rio de Janeiro to EPTCA since 1996, specializes in supplying products used in minimally invasive procedures in the areas of Cardiology, Radiology, Intensive Care and Surgery. Imports and distributes health products.


Sustaining Life
We operate according to the Health Legislation and Good Storage Practices and Distribution of Health Products.


The EPTCA matter, markets and distributes medical products to ensure the satisfaction of its customers through process efficiency and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and in meeting the requirements and applicable laws.
The Quality Policy also seeks to ensure the satisfaction of our employees through commitment to professional and intellectual development.
The EPTCA has Certification Practice for Storage and Distribution of MS / ANVISA.


The EPTCA Medical Devices Ltda. is a national company that operates in the hospital market seeking excellence in logistics healthcare products, with a focus on quality customer service, adding value to our employees, to driving and to society.


Be recognized as a company committed to ethics and the quality of their services and products company.
Leader in the uptake of technological innovations in the global market in the service of preserving the life of the Brazilian citizen.